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Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor
Frank Jezioro, Director

News Release: September 25, 2012

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State Parks provide public service opportunities for the Governor’s Day to Serve September 29.

            SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia state parks will offer opportunities for residents and visitors who want to take part in the “Governor’s Day to Serve” Saturday, September 29, as proclaimed by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. “This is a chance for people to lend a hand with state parks projects and to help others in need,” said West Virginia State Parks Chief Ken Caplinger. “As a whole, the state park system is a public service that enhances our quality of life through outdoor recreation, preservation and public service.”


            Park naturalists and superintendents conduct interpretative hikes to encourage people to go outdoors. Hiking or walking increases self-confidence and physical well-being. Parks provide guided hikes regularly at no cost to participate. On “Governor’s Day to Serve,” five hikes have been scheduled that include trail or area cleanup as needed. Hikes featured on September 29th include:

Tunnel 13 Hike at North Bend State Park – Experience the great outdoors with a spice of history mixed in. The trail is less than one mile long, flat, easy to walk and accessible. Hikers will patrol this section of the trail for litter and its removal. The hike will depart from the nature center at North Bend at 3:30 p.m. and last at least one hour.  Naturalist Ken Zebo is the leader and encourages families to attend.

Laurel Trail Hike-and-Pick at Tomlinson Run State Park – Assistant Superintendent Jesse Mestrovic will lead a hike promoting outdoor health beginning at 10 a.m. The Laurel Trail Hike is on moderate terrain and will last about two hours. Hikers will pick up litter as needed.

Cleanup Hike at Twin Falls State Park – A hike and trail litter pickup begins at 3:30 p.m. starting from the Pioneer Farm and lasting two hours or less. Park Naturalist Bryan Danford sees trails as an open door to encourage people to get outside and stay active. ‘Walking and hiking are some of the best exercises for the body and the mind,” said Danford, who will present a program about Monarch and other butterflies prior to this hike. 

Bolar Observation Tower Hike and Sweep at Pipestem State Park - An evening walk to the observation tower at Pipestem State Park is planned at 5 p.m. The hike and tower climb also includes a site sweep at the base of the tower and general area. The tower is popular landmark at Pipestem. “Generally, folks are very good about not casting litter about,” said Park Naturalist Jim Phillips.  "We encourage responsibility and proper disposal of litter.  We hope we don't have to do a lick of work and just enjoy a great view of our West Virginia hills."

“Clean Up the Piney Ridge Trail” at Cacapon Resort State Park - Join park naturalist Renee Fincham to help clean up Cacapon’s self-guided trail, Piney Ridge.  Volunteers are needed to help trim back limbs and briars and move other obstructions such as downed trees and branches along the trail.  Meet at the lodge at 9 a.m.  "Wear sturdy shoes, bring work gloves and appropriate clothing," said Fincham. "This is one the more popular trails visitors walk at Cacapon and I welcome the maintenance assistance."  Contact Renee.M.Fincham@wv.gov or call 304-258-1022 ext. 5209 to register and volunteer.

Helping Others

            Tygart Lake State Park is conducting a non-perishable food drive from September 29 through October 6 as a public service.  “At this time of year, families in the Taylor County area often rely on the food pantry to supplement food needs. We are asking park visitors to contribute a food item as a simple public service to others,” says Brennon O’Sullivan, park superintendent.  Non-perishable donations may be left at Tygart Lake Lodge. The food will be donated to the Taylor County Food Bank.