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Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor
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News Release: October 31, 2012

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Hoy Murphy, Public Information Officer (304) 957-9365 hoy.r.murphy@wv.gov


Ken Caplinger, State Parks and Recreation Section Chief 304-558-2764 Ken.K.Caplinger@wv.gov

WV State Parks and Forests Recovering from Sandy’s Wrath

            SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia’s state parks are in the process of digging out of snow, clearing roadways and restoring electric and telephone service following widespread damage caused by Tropical Storm Sandy, according to West Virginia State Parks and Recreation Chief Ken Caplinger.

            “One inch to two feet of snow has covered about 70 percent of our state parks and forests, depending upon the area,” Caplinger said. “Most areas also received extensive rainfall and varying degrees of wind, which in turn resulted in many fallen trees that caused even more damage. Some of the state’s parks typically close for the season on November 1, but those that are open year-round respond to guest safety first and then assess and address storm conditions and react appropriately.” 

            Visitors planning to visit a specific state park with lodges or cabins should call the park directly for current conditions.  A phone unanswered or with a continued ring or busy signal indicates a power outage and calls should be attempted again every few hours. Park staff, volunteers and contractors are working on repairs and Caplinger anticipates all parks to be back to normal by the weekend and encourages visitation. Updates also may be seen on the West Virginia State Parks website at www.wvstateparks.com and on Facebook and Twitter.

            “Parks that have had both derecho and Sandy consequences are examples of true dedication for the maintenance and preservation of public recreational areas for the state and visitors.  Two unusual major storms in less than four months is one for our record books,” said Caplinger.  Conditions will change quickly at parks as the Sandy storm phases out and the parks with power outages, road closures, and tree damage will resume normal operations quickly.

            Here is a survey of West Virginia state parks’ status as of Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

Audra Closed
Babcock Closed
Beartown  Closed for season
Beech Fork Open, partial power
Berkeley Springs Closed
Blackwater Falls Closed
Blennerhassett Island  Closed for season
Bluestone Closed
Cabwaylingo State Forest Closed
Cacapon Closed
Canaan Valley  Closed
Carnifex Ferry Closed
Cass Scenic Railroad   Call
Cathedral Call
Cedar Creek  Open, no power
Chief Logan Open
Coopers Rock State Forest Closed
Droop Mountain   Call
Greenbrier State Forest Open, no power
Hawks Nest  Closed
Holly River Closed
Kanawha State Forest  Closed
Kumbrabow State Forest Closed
Little Beaver  Call
Lost River  Open
Moncove Lake Call
North Bend Open
Pinnacle Rock Open
Pipestem Open
Prickett’s Fort Open
Seneca State Forest Call
Stonewall Closed
Tomlinson Run  Open
Tu Endie Wei Open
Twin Falls  Closed
Tygart Lake Open
Valley Falls  Closed
Watoga Open
Watters Smith Call