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Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor
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News Release: November 16, 2012

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Barbara Breshock, State Lands Manager, 304-256-6775, Barbara.A.Breshock@wv.gov
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New parking makes hunting access easier at Camp Creek State Forest

            BECKLEY, W.Va. – Newly developed and strategically located parking areas have eliminated the once long and difficult uphill hikes hunters had to endure just to reach hunting areas in Camp Creek State Forest. One of the parking areas has at least a dozen spots and is located at the intersection of White Oak Road and Trail and Turkey Loop Road and Trail.  The second new parking area is on Bear Wallow Road and Trail below Wildlife Area #8. 

            The three agencies that manage the public facility in Mercer County – the West Virginia Division of Forestry, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Resources Section and DNR Parks & Recreation Section – worked together to create the two new parking areas that are designed to shorten the distance hunters have to drag heavy game.   

            These parking areas are open seasonally from early September through the end of February and reopened for the four weeks of spring turkey season in April and May. 

            Maps of the area are posted on the state forest and may be downloaded from www.campcreekstatepark.com or the Camp Creek State Park page on www.wvforestry.com

            Officials remind hunters that ATVs are not allowed on state parks and forests, and parked vehicles should never block gates or roads.