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News Release: December 13, 2012

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2013 West Virginia Wildlife Calendar Correction

            SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The 2013 West Virginia Wildlife Calendar has an error that hunters need to note, according to Curtis Taylor, Chief of the Wildlife Resources Section of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. 

            In 2013, the buck gun season will begin on November 25, not on November 18 as listed in the calendar.  It will end on December 7.  "We apologize for any inconvenience this error has caused anyone," Taylor said.  

            The Wildlife Calendar goes to the printer in August of the year preceding the year of the calendar. For example, DNR staff sent the 2013 calendar to the printer in August 2012, eight months before the big game seasons for the fall of 2013 are set by the Natural Resources Commission.  Therefore, all the big game season dates listed in the Wildlife Calendar are proposed dates which haven’t been officially approved.

            “That’s why the dates say ‘due to open’ on the calendar,” said Taylor. “In addition, we say at the beginning of each month that hunters need to check the current hunting and trapping regulations for accurate season dates. 

            “The only season basically set in stone is the buck gun season, which opens the Monday before Thanksgiving,” Taylor said.  “This should satisfy the needs of most hunters who need to request vacation a year in advance.

            “Our wildlife management program is a dynamic one, dependent on several variables,” noted Taylor.  “Our biologists have to wait until January to analyze the check tags to come up with season proposals for that fall.  By that time, the calendar has already been out for four months.”