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News Release: June 28, 2013

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Ken Zebo, northbendsp@wv.gov 304-643-2931

“New to Mountain Biking?” Workshops Featured at North Bend State Park in July and August

            CAIRO, W.Va. – Mountain Biking is a popular outdoor pursuit that anyone who rides a bicycle can master, and North Bend State Park is offering two summer weekend workshops to teach the skills needed.

             “When I first learned to ride a bike it took a little help to get started,” said Ken Zebo, activities coordinator at this Ritchie County destination.  “These weekends are designed as a ‘push’ to help beginners get comfortable with mountain biking as an outdoor activity.”

            There are two summer weekend workshop planned:  July 6-7, and August 3-4, 2013, at North Bend State Park and the North Bend Rail Trail.

            The instructors are Kim Corman and her associates. Topics include evaluating your current bicycle, selecting appropriate gear and trails, knowing when to use your brakes, and when to change gears. The fee is $30 with some proceeds used for trail work at North Bend State Park. Each workshop offers the four courses. 

            Brief descriptions of the four workshop componets are: “Intro to Biking,” “Intro to Mountain Biking Skills,” “Beginning Mountain Bike Skills on the Trail,” and “Introduction to Trail Building.” Class times vary and there is ample time to enjoy other attractions at North Bend State Park over the weekend.

            “It isn’t mandatory to attend all four activities during the weekend workshops, but for an overall immersion into mountain biking, it is recommended,” said Zebo.

            To register for Mountain Biking Skills Weekends, call 304-643-2931 or email northbendsp@wv.gov.  Accommodations are available in the park lodge, cabins or campsites as available.  Mountain Biking Workshop info is also online at www.northbendsp.com, “Events.”

About Kim Coram, primary instructor

            Kim Coram has been teaching outdoor recreation for more than 15 years. Selected as one of West Virginia’s top executives for her work in the field, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge, a variety of experience and a love for teaching. Kim is a member of the International Mountain Bike Association's Regional Leadership Advisory Council, Vice-President of the WV Mountain Bike Association, mountain bike representative on the Parkersburg Bicycle Advisory Board and currently working with West Virginia schools and other biking interests.