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News Release: October 10, 2013

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Sara Miller, Naturalist, Kanawha State Forest 304-558-3500 kanawhasf@wv.gov

American Crow Calls Visitors to Kanawha State Forest Oct. 19, 2013

            CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Join Kanawha State Forest Naturalist Sara Miller and Master Naturalist Lynn Hartman for the Bird of the Month Program Oct. 19 at 11 a.m.

            “Our Bird of the Month for October is the American crow,” said Sara Miller, Kanawha State Forest naturalist. “The crow is a highly intelligent, yet often underappreciated bird and is common across West Virginia, but it is no ordinary bird.”

            The “Clever Crows of Kanawha State Forest” is an appropriate Halloween-themed event full of amazing real-life crow antics and storytelling for the children, according to Miller.

            Previous Bird of the Month programs featured Louisiana water thrush, Cerulean warbler and raptors. The bird of the month program meets at the forest swimming pool building at 11 a.m. and is open to the public and any age. There is no charge to attend the program and there is no entrance fee to the forest.

            “It is an excellent opportunity to be outdoors in autumn weather to learn about birds and why fall foliage is so colorful,” Miller said.

            To learn more about Kanawha State Forest, visit www.kanawhastateforest.com or call 304-558-3500.


Photo Courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce.
Photo Courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce.  The common American Crow is found across West Virginia.