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Stephen S. McDaniel, Director

News Release: August 17, 2017

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Kim Hawkins, Activities Coordinator, Pipestem Resort State Park Kimberly.J.Hawkins@wv.gov 304-466-1800

New “Sundays at 3p” series through December at Pipestem Resort State Park

PIPESTEM, W.Va. – Sundays at 3p is a new event format at Pipestem State Park. The free monthly programs will start at 3 p.m. at Pipestem’s McKeever Lodge and will last about an hour. The family friendly programs will feature wildlife topics, historic portrayals and musical entertainment.

To learn more about Pipestem Resort State Park and Sundays at 3p, visit www.wvstateparks.com or call Pipestem at 304-466-1800.

Sept. 10 – Managed Hunts at State Parks
Sam Cowell, superintendent at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park and coordinator for managed hunts at state parks, explains why controlled hunts are needed to reduce deer overpopulation and negative impacts on habitat and animal health. Four state parks host controlled hunts in 2017.

Oct. 15 – The Return of Elk in West Virginia
Elk, once plentiful in the state, were reintroduced into southern West Virginia in late 2016. Wildlife Biologist Randy Kelley, the Elk Project leader for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, will explain the project from the initial possibility, through receiving elk from Kentucky, and their release into southern West Virginia mountains. Video highlights of the release are part of the program. His expertise in answering questions about necessary habitat, elk attributes, and long-term plans and goals of Elk Restoration in West Virginia is entertaining and educational.

Nov. 5 - Bear Aware!
State Park Naturalist Paulita Cousin entertains her audiences through interpretative education about West Virginia’s state animal - the Black Bear. Learn about the habitats and habits, sensory attributes and, most of all - what to do if you encounter a bear and how to react.

Dec. 3 - East River Mountain Town Band
Decked out and playing Christmas and holiday music, the 45-member East River Mountain Town Band of Bluefield, West Virginia, and the surrounding area welcomes everyone to this annual concert. It is staged in the cavernous Hudkins Conference Center at McKeever Lodge to accommodate the traditionally large attendance.


Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce McKeever Lodge at Pipestem Resort State Park.
Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce McKeever Lodge at Pipestem Resort State Park.