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Leaf Castings

Now that nature has turned on her spectacular fall color show, here is a way you can permanently capture some of the colors and shapes the leaves of autumn have to offer.

Materials needed:

  • Modeling clay (the kind that will harden in a few days)
  • Rolling pin or wooden dowel (round pencils will work)
  • Your favorite fall leaves
  • Paints for painting the clay
  • Paintbrushes

Take some modeling clay and roll it with the rolling pin or dowel until about a quarter of an inch thick and about the size of your favorite fall leaf.  Next carefully place your leaf on top of the flattened clay and roll it on to the clay using the rolling pin or pencil.  Remove the leaf and you'll have an exact impression of that leaf.  If you want you can remove the excess clay around the edge of the leaf.  If you want to hang this casting put a pencil size hole through the top of the leaf.  Let the clay dry for a few days until hardened.  If you wish, you can paint the clay leaf impression and try to match all the colors of fall on the leaf. 

Hang small leaf castings on string along with others to make a beautiful mobile.  Try this with a variety of tree leaves and colors to capture your own fall leaves. 

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