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Whitetail Deer Motor Vehicle License Plate Available

West Virginia motorists now have an additional opportunity to showcase their support of the state's wildlife and wildlife programs. Motor vehicle owners may purchase the latest wildlife license plate featuring a magnificent whitetail buck surrounded by fall foliage and a mountain stream. As with the earlier rose-breasted grosbeak plate, the proceeds are earmarked to help fund wildlife conservation and education projects.

The new "Wildlife Deer Plate" is now available at each of the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles' 18 regional offices. The cost of each plate is $55 for the first year. Renewal cost for subsequent years is $45. Fifteen dollars of each purchase goes to the Wildlife Diversity Program of the WVDNR to help conserve and protect the state's nongame animal species and rare plants, improve distribution of educational materials to schools and libraries, develop wildlife viewing areas for state residents and visitors, and support many other programs designed to educate the public about the state's wildlife resources.

Division of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Roger Pritt noted, "These unique deer plates are a wonderful opportunity for West Virginians to show their pride in our state's natural wildlife and beauty." This is the second in a series of wildlife plates. The first featured a rose-breasted grosbeak, a migratory songbird that is native to West Virginia. It went on sale in 1998 and will continue to be available. Sales of the bird plate have brought in nearly a million dollars to the Wildlife Diversity Program during the past four years. Like the first plate, the second features beautiful painted artwork by former DNR wildlife biologist and artist Tom Allen.

"I believe this will be the best-selling specialty plate to date," predicted Division of Natural Resources Director Ed Hamrick. "As popular as the previous wildlife plate was, I think the deer plate will appeal to a different audience and will allow motorists another opportunity to have one of the most attractive license plates in the country."

Additional information about this new plate is available by calling the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles at 1-800-642-9066.

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