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Core Arboretum, WVU

TreeDescription: Located on the western side of the Evansdale campus of West Virginia University , the Core Arboretum is a teaching and research facility managed by the WVU Department of Biology. The arboretum, named after botanist Dr. Earl L. Core, drops 200 feet in elevation from the parking lot to the river. With its varied habitats and location along a major north-flowing river, this site provides numerous wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the year.

Viewing Information: More than 160 species of birds have been seen here. Be sure to obtain a copy of the “Core Arboretum Checklist of Birds” from the Department of Biology as well as the brochure showing the various trails. Many species of waterfowl use the river as a resting area during migration, including tundra swans, green-winged teals, northern pintails, ring-necked ducks, lesser scaups, common goldeneyes, buffleheads, red-breasted mergansers and ruddy ducks.

Along the river, especially in quieter areas around the lagoon, look for great blue herons, and in the summer, green herons. Test your identification skills on the 35 species of warblers known to use the arboretum. The bank swallow is seen during migration, whereas the cliff and barn swallows may nest here. Several species of woodpeckers are commonly observed.

Look for fox squirrels in the more open hardwood sections of the arboretum. Occasionally seen mammals include beavers, muskrats, woodchucks, raccoons, foxes and deer. This is a natural area with no facilities.

Directions: Take exit 155 off Interstate 79 at Star City , travel south on U.S. Route 19 and State Route 7 to the West Virginia University Evansdale campus. The Core Arboretum is located on the right, 0.1 mile from the Coliseum entrance.

Ownership: WVU Department of Biology (304) 293-5201

Size: 91 acres Closest Town : Morgantown