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Tree Bark Rubbings

Now that winter is here and while most people are coming down with cabin fever, here's a fun simple activity that can get kids of all ages out in the great outdoors even on a cold winter's day.

Material required:

  • Sheets of white paper (tracing paper works the best) and crayons of all kinds of color.
Find a tree with interesting looking bark and hold a piece of paper tight on the bark. If you have difficulty holding the paper, get someone to hold it while you do the rubbing or tie the paper to the tree with a piece of string. Take a crayon with the paper removed and rub it sideways on the paper until a pattern appears. Try different colored crayons and different trees to obtain unique pictures. Collect all of your rubbings and make a book of as many trees as you can. What kind of tree gives the best result? Bigger trees will work the best and remember not to remove the bark from the trees.

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