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Thanks For Your Interest in the West Virginia Backyard Winter 2017-2018 Bird Count!

It's time to grab a pencil and binoculars and begin the Wildlife Diversity Program’s 29th annual Backyard Winter Bird Count. This count gives us information on the distribution of wintering birds in West Virginia. The count will again occur on twelve weekends to allow us to record some late fall migrants as well as early spring arrivals.

  • Remember to count the highest number of each species that appears around your feeder at any one time during the entire weekend. For example, if you observe nine house finches at the feeder while you're having breakfast on Saturday, and seven are there during halftime of the game on Sunday, simply put down "9" for the weekend, do not add them.
  • If you get a very large number of birds--estimate their number. We cannot use descriptive words such as "many" or "few."
  • Some birds, such as crows and robins, may feed away from your feeders. You can count birds such as these as long as you're consistent. When a species doesn't appear, leave its box blank, don't enter a "0." Please do not substitute another day if you missed a designated day; if you're not home one weekend, simply draw a line through that row.

We welcome any information on bird health, unusual sightings, and other interesting happenings in your area Thanks for the photos and notes that you've sent in the past! Please try to return your tally sheets by May 1, 2018. If you have any questions contact Rich Bailey at (304) 637-0245 or email: richard.s.bailey@wv.gov.

Completed sheets can be mailed to:

Winter Bird Count
c/o Rich Bailey
WV Wildlife Diversity Program
P.O. Box 67, Elkins, WV 26241

Tally Sheet - (PDF format, 611 KB)

Click here to get acrobat reader(You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file)

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