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WV Archery in the Schools - Benefits of the Program

Why Educators Like the Program

  • Adds diversity and interest to the classroom
  • Teaches a life skill to PE students
  • Complies with state and national PE standards
  • Accessible to all Students
Teachers aiming for the target

What the Teachers are saying...

  • School attendance is improved
  • Student behavior is improved all day
  • Kids of all genders, sizes and abilities are having success
  • Students are buying personal archery equipment
  • After-school archery clubs are forming 

What do the Students Think?
(Pilot Program Survey +/- 2.7%)

  • 55% Male and 45% Female
  • 89% enjoy the class
  • 62% have never shot a bow before
  • 73% do not own archery equipment
  • 49% want to own their own equipment

Students showing off their skills

Most student archers want to use their new life skill

  • 59% want to be target archers
  • 38% are interested in bow hunting 

~According to National Archery in the School

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