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WV Archery in the Schools - Training

Upcoming Training

  • August 01, 2018

    Chief Logan Conference Center
    1000 Conference Center Drive
    Logan, WV 25601

*To register for training http://naspbai.org/ClassSearch.aspx?country=US&state=WV or contact Lt. Ed Goodson at 304-558-2784.  or via email at Warren.E.Goodson@wv.gov

*July 27-28, 2018 NASP Educators/Coaches Conference, Lexington, KY. More information to come.   

*Teachers interested in receiving this training are encouraged to register early – classes will be full.

Archery Training ClassSchools interested in participating in this program are required to receive the archery training (Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) certification) offered by our agency. Courses are scheduled throughout the year at various locations around the state to accommodate everyone. The equipment used for this program is like no other, with only the finest youth bows and targets on the market. Unfortunately, at this time schools participating will be responsible for locating the funds needed to purchase their own equipment (which is around $3,000). However, there are grants available to help cover the cost of a full equipment kit

Interested in Hosting a Training?

You can host a training by ensuring an adequately-sized facility for three days and free of charge.  You must fill out the BAI Attendee Enrollment Form and email to Warren.E.Goodson@wv.govv. (form)

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