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Trout Stocking Schedule
W One January
Two February
Once each Week March-May
BW One February
Once every 2 weeks March-May
BA One January
One March
M One each month Feb-May
MJ One each Month Jan-April
Y One April
F One each week One each week..Columbus Day week & following week
Q One First week of March
X   After April 1 or area is open to public
CR Varies Varies

Click here for the daily stocking report.
This information is updated daily at 4:00 pm, January through May.
Daily trout stocking information can also be obtained by calling (304) 558-3399.

Click here to see the stocking schedule for lakes and other impoundments.

Anthony Creek Greenbrier W-F
Back Fork of Elk River Webster M
Back Fork of Elk River (C&R) Webster CR
Beech Fork Lake (Tailwaters) Wayne M
Big Bullskin Run Jefferson W
Big Clear Creek Greenbrier BW-F
Big Sandy Creek Preston BW
Blackwater River Tucker W-F

Blackwater River (C&R)

Tucker CR
Buckhannon River Upshur BW-F
Buffalo Creek Brooke BW
Buffalo Creek Logan M
Burnsville Lake (Tailwaters) Braxton BW
Camp Creek Mercer BW
Cherry River Nicholas BW
Clear Fork McDowell M
Clear Fork Wyoming BW
Clear Fork (C&R) Wyoming CR
Clover Run Tucker M
Cranberry River Pocahontas,Webster, Nicholas W-F
Cranberry River (C&R) Nicholas, Pocahontas CR
Cranberry River - Woodbine Area Nicholas Q
Deer Creek Nicholas M
Deer Creek Pocahontas M
Desert Fork Webster M
Dillons Run Hampshire BW
Dry Fork McDowell M
Dry Fork Randolph, Tucker BW
Dunloup Creek Fayette M
East Fork of Greenbrier River Pocahontas W
East Lynn Lake (Tailwaters) Wayne M
East River of New River Mercer BW
Edwards Run Hampshire BW
Elk River Webster, Randolph W-F
Elk River (C&R) Randolph CR
Elkwater Fork Randolph M
Evitts Run Jefferson W-F
Fall Run Webster M
Gandy Creek Randolph W
Glade Creek (Babcock) Fayette BW
Glade Creek of New River Raleigh BW-F
Glady Fork Randolph W
Greenbrier River Pocahontas BW
Hills Creek Pocahontas M
Hopkins Fork Boone M
Horseshoe Run Tucker BW
Indian Creek of New River Summers M
Indian Rocks Lake  Nicholas M
Kings Creek Hancock M
Knapps Creek Pocahontas W-F
Laurel Creek Fayette M
Laurel Creek Greenbrier, Nicholas M
Laurel Fork Randolph W
Laurel Fork Webster BW
Left Fork of Buckhannon River Upshur M
Left Fork of Holly River Webster BW
Left Fork of Right Fork Buckhannon Randolph, Upshur BW
Little Clear Creek Greenbrier BW
Little Kanawha River (Headwaters) Upshur, Lewis M
Little River (East Fork) Pocahontas W
Little River (West Fork) Pocahontas W
Long Marsh Run Jefferson M
Lost River Hardy W-F
Lower Cove Run Hardy M
Marsh Fork Raleigh M
Mash Fork Mercer M
Meadow Creek Greenbrier M
Meadow Creek Summers M
Middle Creek Berkeley W
Middle Fork Barbour, Randolph, Upshur M
Middle Wheeling Creek (C&R) Ohio CR
Mill Creek Fayette M
Mill Creek Berkeley W
Milligan Creek Greenbrier M
Mill Run Berkeley M
Mill Run Hampshire BW
Moores Run Hardy M
New Creek Mineral W
North Branch of Potomac River Mineral M
North River Hardy BW
North Fork of Anthony Creek Greenbrier BW
North Fork of Cherry River Greenbrier, Nicholas BW
North Fork of Fishing Creek Dam Wetzel M
North Fork of Lunice Creek Grant BW
North Fork of Patterson Creek Grant W
North Fork of South Branch Grant, Pendleton W-F
North Fork of South Branch (C&R) Pendleton CR
Opequon Creek Berkeley, Jefferson W-F
Paint Creek Fayette , Kanawha BW
Paint Creek (C&R) Fayette CR
Panther Creek McDowell M
Paw-Paw Creek Marion BW
Pinch Creek Raleigh Y
Pinnacle Creek Wyoming BW-F
Pond Fork Boone BW-F
Potts Creek Monroe M
R. D. Bailey Lake (Tailwaters) Wyoming,Mingo BW-F
Red Creek Tucker BW
Rhine Creek Preston M
Rich Creek Monroe M
Right Fork of Buckhannon River Upshur M
Right Fork of Middle Fork Upshur M
Right Fork of Little Kanawha River Webster, Upshur M
Rocky Marsh Run Jefferson W
Second Creek (C&R) Monroe, Greenbrier CR
Shavers Fork (C&R) Randolph CR
Shavers Fork (Lower Section) Randolph W-F
Shavers Fork (Upper Section) Randolph, Pocahontas W-F
South Branch (Franklin Section) Pendleton W-F
South Branch (Smoke Hole Section) Pendleton W-F
South Branch (C&R) Pendleton CR
South Fork of Cherry River Greenbrier, Nicholas BW
South Fork of Cranberry River Pocahontas BW
South Fork of Fishing Creek Wetzel M
South Fork of Potts Creek Monroe M
Spruce Laurel Fork Boone M
Stonewall Jackson Lake (Tailwaters) Lewis BW
Sugar Creek Webster M
Summersville Lake (Tailwaters) Nicholas BW-F
Sutton Lake (Tailwaters) Braxton BW-F
Tilhance Creek Berkeley BW
Tomlinson Run Hancock M
Trout Run Hardy W
Tuscarora Creek Berkeley BW
Twelvepole Creek (Wayne Dam) Wayne MJ
Tygart Lake (Tailwaters) Taylor M-F
Tygart River (Headwaters) Randolph BW-F
Waites Run Hardy W
West Fork of Greenbrier River Pocahontas W-F
West Fork of Twelvepole Creek Wayne M
Wheeling Creek Marshall, Ohio BW
Whiteday Creek Marion, Monongalia BW
Williams River Pocahontas, Webster W-F
Williams River (C&R) Pocahontas CR
Wolf Creek Preston M

Hunting And Fishing Hotline 558-3399
Updated Daily During Trout Stocking Season
Trout Stocking Schedule Updated Daily At www.wvdnr.gov/Fishing/stocking/DailyStock.shtm

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