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Photo by Stephen J. Shaluta, Jr.

Fall 2001 FEATURES

Change is Good: Designing Successful Deer Management
by Jim Crum
As the state's deer population changes, so must the techniques to manage them, so believes a state wildlife biologist.

Getting Down and Dirty with Outdoor Learning
by Emily Grafton
With aid from DNR grants and community volunteers, students are developing natural learning areas at their school site.

The Bear Necessities: How Wild Foods Affect Bear Numbers, Harvests and Behavior
A look at the "crystal ball" that helps biologists understand bear behavior and predict bear harvests.

On the Trail of Illegal Turkey Hunters
by Sergeant S.J. Antolini and Sergeant M.A. Sylvester
Stopping illegal turkey baiting is a dangerous, time-consuming task for conservation officers.

Where Have All the Ruffed Grouse Gone?
by Tom Allen
If a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, then what are 1,200 grouse "in-hand" with radio collars worth?