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Photo by Michael Quinton/Minden Pictures

Winter 2002 FEATURES

The Dream Stream
by Dan Cincotta
A trout population is only as healthy as its habitat. See what conditions create an ideal trout stream.

A Winter's Walk
by Nanci Bross-Fregonara
Heed the words of the classic song "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". You might be surprised what you see, hear, or smell.

The Big Sleep
by Sue Olcott
Extreme sports have come of age in the last decade. Some animals have been practicing an extreme form of inactivity for thousands of years. It's called hibernation.

Fish Decoys: An Art of Deception
by Scott Morrison
A local world champion fish decoy carver (and DNR fisheries biologist) describes his craft.

Lock, Stock and Barrel
by Gary Strawn
Though not practiced by many, muzzleloader hunting for small game spells the end of the New Year hunting blues for blackpowder enthusiasts.


Field Trip: Canaan Valley State Park