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Fall 2004 FEATURES

Getting the Biggest Bang (or Splash) for the Buck
by Steve Brown;
Buying a hunting license--an investment in wildlife management.

A Closer Look at Our Smallest Owl
by Rob Tallman
DNR personnel and volunteers are conducting studies to discover the haunts and habits of the secretive saw-whet owl.

Keeping Score
by Gene Thorn
The hows and whys of entering your trophy deer into the record books.

Reasons For Seasons
by Steve Wilson
Setting hunting season regulations is a complex process involving biologists, hunters, commissioners, legislators and the wildlife species themselves.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
by James Walker and Jim Hedrick
An introduction into limnology -- the study of freshwater ecosystems. What goes on beneath the surface of our lakes?


Field Trip: Lake Sherwood

Wildlife Diversity Notebook: The Eastern Chipmunk

Backyard Naturalist: Volunteers Needed

Confusing Birds

Photo by Tim Fitzharris /Minden Pictures