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Summer 2004 FEATURES

West Virginia's "Throwbacks"
by Dan Cincotta
Unlock the secrets of two ancient, native fish species which the Wildlife Resources Section is restoring to West Virginia waters.

Attack of the Alien Invaders!
by Frank Jernejcic
What effects can non-native fish and diseases have on our state's aquatic ecosystem?

What I Did Last Summer
by Janet Clayton
Leeches and snappers and crayfish. Oh, my! Find out what a DNR biologist came across last year.

Setting Some Limits Helps Fish Populations
by Zack Brown
Understand why the DNR limits the size and number of fish anglers take.

West Virginia 's Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program
by Kathy Leo
The Wildlife Resources Section uses federal dollars to enhance habitat, improve public education about wildlife, and inventory the state's wildlife resources.

Strength in Numbers
by Brian McDonald
The DNR works with universities, federal and state agencies, and nonprofit organizations to collect information on unique plant and animal communities.


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Mountain State Flora: Sedges Have The Edges

Photo by Gerry Ellis/Minden Pictures