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Winter 2004 FEATURES

Monitoring Mountain State Raccoons
By Rich Rogers
Raccoon hunters aid biologists in determining trends of raccoon populations around the state.

What’s That Clump Of Leaves?
By Art Shomo
Squirrels like mobile homes too, only theirs are in trees.

Tree Stand Naturalists
By Randy Tucker
Perched above the forest floor, bowhunters quietly observe and record natural history in the making.

Rare and Endangered Species Update
By Craig Stihler
The latest information on West Virginia’s rare and endangered species.

The Plant Collectors
By Paul J. Harmon
Discover the importance of maintaining a permanent plant collection.


Field Trip: Oglebay Park

Backyard Naturalist: Winter Wonderings

Mountain State Flora: Identifying Winter Plants

Wildlife Diversity Notebook: The Northern Water Shrew

Photo by Tom and Pat Leeson/Leeson Photos