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Fall 2005


The Hot Zone
By Jim Vanderhorst
The dry shale barrens in the Eastern Panhandle support a unique assortment of plants.

Thoroughly Modern Squirrel Dogs
By Larry Hines
Selective breeding of curs and feists have resulted in a new generation of squirrel hunting dogs.

Heading South Along the Allegheny Front
By Nanci Bross-Fregonara
For 48 years, volunteers have staffed the Allegheny Front Migration Observatory to monitor migratory songbird populations.

Get Ready for Winter Wildlife
By Colleen DeLong
Discover ideas to make your yard or field a haven for wildlife this winter.

Questions and Answers About Chronic Wasting Disease

Why is Mast Important to Hunters?
By Jim Pack
Scouting out the abundance and location of nuts and fruits gives a hunter a leg up on other, less diligent hunters.


Field Trip: Cold Knob
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: The Madison Cave Isopod
Mountain State Flora: Boneset

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