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Summer 2005 FEATURES

The Moundbuilders
By Dan Cincotta and Stuart Welsh
Instead of building mounds to bury their dead, some minnow species build mounds as nests for their eggs to spawn a new generation of life.

WHIP Your Land Into Shape for Wildlife
By Gary Foster
The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program provides technical assistance and funding to landowners who want to improve wildlife habitat on their property.

Attack of the Zebra Mussels
By Janet Butler
Annual surveys of zebra mussels on the Ohio River keep tabs on populations of this exotic mussel which threatens native species.

Archery in the Schools: Coming Soon To a School Near You!
By Scott Warner and Dave McClung
Students and teachers discover that shooting a bow and arrow makes for a physical education class that can be enjoyed by all.

Fishing the Shores
By Shawn Head
A childhood curiosity and passion for the natural world led to a career in wildlife biology.

Look, But Don't Touch
Discover which plants you need to avoid in your wanderings around the Mountain State.


Field Trip: Cathedral State Park

Mountain State Flora : The Rhododendron

Wildlife Diversity Notebook: The Cheat Mountain Salamander

Backyard Naturalist: Summertime, Kids and Fireflies

Photo by Bill Lindner Photography/