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Coyote -- An Adaptable Pioneer
By Clifford Brown
Now that coyotes have taken up residence in the Mountain State, discover the facts about this wily mammal and what can be done to control their population.

The Twilight Zone
By Jeff Hajenga
West Virginia caves are home to an intriguing variety of animals, some of which never see the light of day.

Holly -- Brightening Winter’s Days
By Nanci Bross-Fregonara
Five species of native holly trees and shrubs provide beauty to our state as well as food and cover for wildlife.

Insects That Chill in Winter
By Emily Grafton
The multitude of six-legged critters you see in summer spend the winter in various places and life stages.

Natural Heritage Update
Discover what the Wildlife Diversity staff is discovering about the state’s wild animals and plants.

Brookies, Browns, Rainbows -- Why Don’t They Interbreed?
By Don Phares
Although they may live in the same streams, each species of trout has its unique spawning time and nest location.


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