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Spring 2005 FEATURES

The Clown of the Waterways Has Returned!
By Jim Evans
The captivating river otter has regained its rightful place in the Mountain State.

The Elegance of Spring Trilliums
By Craig Stihler
Discover ten species of lovely trilliums which grace the forest floor of West Virginia.

From Cranberry Glades to Cranesville Swamp
By Elizabeth Byers
DNR biologists study high elevation wetlands to better understand and conserve these unique ecological communities.

Getting the Goods on Gobblers
By Jim Pack
Gobbler hunters provide valuable information to DNR biologists.

Buffet or Bare Bones
By Zac Loughman
A snake's diet is determined by its adaptations.


Field Trip: Meadow River Wildlife Management Area

Mountain State Flora: Trailing Arbutus

Wildlife Diversity Notebook: The Cerulean Warbler

Photo by Stephen Holt/Stockpix