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A New Era in Trout Fishing
By Roy Lee Harmon
A reprint of an article written in 1966 to explain why the DNR opted for a year-round trout fishing season.

The Era Continues
By Mike Shingleton
A current perspective on the trout program since the elimination of an opening day for trout fishing.

The Butterfly Capital of the Northeast
By Tom Allen
Because of the various stages in which butterflies spend the winter, West Virginia is a great place to view these delicate creatures.

Over The Hedge
By J.R. Hill
What you can do when wild animals come “over the hedge” and invade your house.

For the Love of the Land
By Nanci Bross-Fregonara
A new program can help private landowners conserve the habitat of rare species on their property.

Go Wild With Wild Yards
By Rose Sullivan
Discover how to certify your yard as a Wild Yard.


Field Trip: Cranesville Swamp
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Wood Turtle

Photo by Stephen Holt/Stockpix