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Fall 2006


After the Fall
By Charles Teets
Tree stand safety is no accident. An accident victim offers advice on how to safely use a tree stand.

On Board the Mussel Bound
By Janet Clayton
Come aboard the WRS research boat to see how biologists get a clearer view of the state’s mussel populations and their habitat.

The Incredible Journey of the American Eel
By Stuart Welsh
Discover the fascinating life of the American eel, and its voyage through West Virginia .

The Results Are In! Six Years of Ruffed Grouse Research
By Bill Igo
West Virginia is working with surrounding states to determine factors affecting ruffed grouse populations.

A Tale of Two Grouse
By Bill Igo
Follow the wanderings of two grouse involved in the DNR study.

Field Trip:
Blackwater Falls State Park
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Virginia big-eared bat
Mountain State Flora: Witch Hazel

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