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Summer 2006


Tagging For Answers
By Chris O’Bara and Tom Oldham
A current tagging study yields insight into the catch rate of golden rainbow and rainbow trout in various waters, and angler satisfaction.

Look What the Cat Dragged In
By Sue Olcott
A look at the variety of small mammals in West Virginia, especially those sometimes left at our doorstep.

Fishing In The Grass
By Kevin Yokum
The DNR is trying to improve habitat, and subsequently fishing, by establishing vegetation beds in some Mountain State lakes.

Pond Scum: What Lurks In The Water Below
By Paul J. Harmon
Discover the wide variety of tiny organisms that live in lakes and backyard ponds.

Getting Closer To Nature
By Rose Sullivan
A new DNR program is training and certifying enthusiastic volunteers who will assist with conservation-related research and outreach.

Things Are Looking Up
DNR and National Park Service biologists along with volunteers are working together to reintroduce peregrine falcons into the New River Gorge.


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Mountain State Flora: The Sulphur Shelf Fungus
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Bowfin

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