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Spring/Summer 2007


Night Noise
By Celeste Good
Learn to identify calls of some common West Virginia frogs and toads.

Something Wild About Boar
By Tom Dotson
The life history of the wild boar and its status in the Mountain State is anything but boring.

How Old is That Fish?
By Jeff Lee Hansbarger
Fisheries biologists now use ear bones to gather age and growth data needed for better fish management.

50 Years of Wildlife Disease Research
By Dr. John Fisher
The Southeast Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study has provided valuable diagnostic research to states like West Virginia since 1957.

Unlocking Nature’s Secrets
By Kathy Leo
The DNR Wildlife Resources Section funds research projects by graduate students and non-profit organizations to learn more about the state’s diverse wildlife.

Field Trip: Lantz Farm and Nature Preserve
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Eastern Ribbon Snake
Mountain State Flora: Spring Beauties


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