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Winter 2007


Managing Canada Geese:
A Complicated Balancing Act

By Steve Wilson
Setting hunting seasons for a animal with four different populations which look alike keeps DNR biologists busy with wildlife research and public surveys.

Living on the Edge
By Paul J. Harmon and Larry E. Morse
West Virginia's unique habitats harbor plants that either are isolated from other populations of the same plant or are at the edge of their range.

Restoring West Virginia's Riverine Fishes
By Chris O'Bara
Stocking efforts are underway to restore certain fish species to their native waters, along with expanding populations of others.

What the DNR is Finding Out About West Virginia Black Bears
By Chris Ryan
Wildlife biologists study bear survival and reproduction rates, bear movements, and public attitudes to wisely manage the state's expanding bruin population.

Questions and Answers on Chronic Wasting Disease

Field Trip: Beech Fork State Park and Wildlife Management Area
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Freshwater Drum

Mountain State Flora: Riverscour Woodlands and Prairies
Sense of Wonder: Nature Note - The Colors of Nature
The Backyard Naturalist: How to Build a Better Bluebird House
Wild Almanac

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