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Spring 2008


Muddling with Mudbugs
By Zachary J. Loughman
Discover the underground world and secret lives of burrowing crayfish.

Fishing Tails
By DNR Fisheries personnel
Fish like dam tailwaters. Anglers like what fish like. Descriptions of 10 such areas in West Virginia aid anglers in making their trips safer and more productive.

The Sky Blue Bird of the Forest
By Petra Bohall Wood
How much wood would a manager cut to enhance the habitat for cerulean warblers? A research project is aiming to find an answer to help this beautiful species of high concern.

Nature's Tapestry
Quotes compiled by Art Shomo
Words and images woven together to inspire and soothe the soul.

Field Trip: Yankauer Nature Preserve
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Killdeer

Sense of Wonder: Mammals in Motion
Wild Almanac

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