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Summer/Fall 2009


A Golden Opportunity for Conservation
Numerous state, national and international entities are working together to conserve the beautiful golden-winged warbler.

Beury Mountain WMA
Discover what the Wildlife Resources Section is doing to improve wildlife habitat on this recently expanded wildlife management area in southern West Virginia.

West Virginia’s State Reptile
Next time someone asks you about the timber rattlesnake, you’ll be able to rattle off numerous facts.

Urban Deer – What can we do?
Urban deer hunts are being used safely in combination with fencing and repellents to deal with four-legged city residents.

What’s in the Water?
Microscopic organisms play a big role in the health of a lake.

Field Trip: Tygart Lake State Park
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Flat-spired Three-toothed Land Snail
Mountain State Flora: Virginia Creeper
Sense of Wonder: Wildlife Detective
Wild Almanac

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