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Spring 2009


Cream of the Crappie
Though bass and trout may get more of the spotlight, black crappie and white crappie provide anglers many hours of recreation in West Virginia

Spring Gobblers with Bow and Arrows
Hunting wild turkeys with a bow and arrow takes stealth, practice and patience.

Bats In Your Belfry?
What to do when bats take up residence in your home.

Trout Cave Gating Project
Check out this canyon-view "gated community for bats.

Vulnerable and Valuable, our state's wetlands are a resource to be preserved.

Bagging Memories
Spring turkey hunting becomes a family affair for a woman, her husband and son.

Field Trip: Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Skipjack Herring
Sense of Wonder: Wetlands Metaphor
Mountain State Flora: Bottomland Pin Oak Forests
Wild Almanac

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