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Summer 2010


High Windy Ridges
Wildlife Resources Section personnel survey the unique plant and animal life on high windy ridges in eastern and southern West Virginia. This information can be used to measure the effects of future human development.

Tracking the Wild Turkey
Live trapping wild turkeys and fitting them with radio transmitters has provided wildlife biologists with valuable information about both turkey and hunter behavior.

Sunfish: Often An Angler’s First Catch
Discover tips for catching the colorful members of the sunfish family.

Carp Fishing
Carp are big, abundant and easy to catch, if you have a little bit of knowledge.

Backyard Naturalist: How and Why Birds Sing
Sense of Wonder: Animal Clues
Field Trip:
Kanawha State Forest
Wildlife Diversity Notebook: Blue catfish
Wild Almanac
Wild Perspective

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