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Jim Justice, Governor
Stephen S. McDaniel, Director

News Release: February 6, 2018

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Samantha Smith, [email protected]

West Virginia Legislation Would Support Healthy Forests and Expanded Recreational Opportunities in West Virginia State Parks

Restoring and improving the health of West Virginia’s state park lands while creating expanded public recreational opportunities are the goals of West Virginia Senate bill SB270 and its House companion HB4182. 

“Through a proper management program implemented in coordination with the Division of Forestry and our state park superintendents, West Virginia state park lands will be maintained in a way that will ensure their health and well-being for years to come,” said Steve McDaniel, Director of the Division of Natural Resources.

Director McDaniel continued, “With the passage of this legislation we can create wildlife habitats, build additional hiking trails and develop additional recreational amenities to offer to our visitors at West Virginia State Parks.”

West Virginia Division of Forestry Director Barry Cook went on to discuss the need for this initiative in terms of the overall health of the woodlands in West Virginia’s State Park System.

“Select state park properties have overmatured to the point that we are in even greater danger due to the accumulation of fuel on the forest floor,” said Cook. “As the woodlands stand today, a lack of access puts the Mountain State at risk of losing all beneficial value of the properties held within these parks.”  

Both the Division of Natural Resources and the Division of Forestry agree the continued undermanagement of these properties will result in a substantial loss to the health and well-being of West Virginia’s woodlands.   

Governor Jim Justice said opponents to the Legislation really aren’t well-informed on the subject and have used scare tactics and untruths to make the public think it is nothing more than a clear-cutting timber operation.

Learn more about the plan at http://4ourfuturewv.org.