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What is West Virginia's Celebration of National Hunting & Fishing Days?

Stonewall Jackson State Park sign Since the first settlers roamed what would become our state, West Virginians have always had an intense interest in any opportunity to check out the latest innovation or gadget to help make their survival easier. The roving "tinker" or peddler would offer the hardy pioneers new knives, fish hooks, etc. Later, small general stores provided a much wider range of equipment and supplies, from traps to rifles and shotguns, needed to help our ancestors put food on the table. These community stores became a focal point, not only to restock equipment and supplies, but to meet neighbors, share ideas, stories and gossip.

West Virginians today don't have to depend on their hunting and fishing skills for their survival, we have supermarkets for that. However, we still like to see the latest, hot new item on the market that will "insure" we get that big buck or that trophy rainbow. And, we still thoroughly enjoy meeting with like-minded sportsmen to visit and tell our tales.

Shooting West Virginia's Celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Days (NH&FD) at Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park provides the state's best opportunity to do just that. Held the last full weekend of each September, NH&FD is a unique blend of a traditional hunting and fishing show and summer camp. The event is the result of a year of work and planning by the West Virginia Wildlife Federation and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. Like most hunting and fishing shows, NH&FD has a host of vendors selling products and crafts for every outdoor need or desire. Several concessionaires serve a variety of delicious food, insuring no one will go away hungry.

Eagle The Stonewall event's uniqueness stems from the many "hands on" activities available for the public to enjoy. Only at West Virginia's Celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Days can the public participate in so many outdoor related activities. Click on our "Activities" button to see the growing list of opportunities available for all to experience and enjoy at NH&FD!

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