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West Virginia Lake Fishing Maps

Below are the most recently updated lake fishing maps. As additional maps are updated, they will be added to this list. The maps are offered to the public for personal use and come in different formats and sizes so that they may be downloaded with a minimum of delay. These maps may be viewed, saved, used on mobile devices, and printed by the public.

The map formats are PDF and JPEG. The PDF maps contain georeferencing information, and can therefore be loaded in the Avenza Maps app on your mobile device to view and navigate offline as a Geospatial PDF. Click here to learn how. The JPEG maps are the smallest files and can be downloaded faster but resolution is sacrificed.

The page and file sizes are shown for each map so that the viewer can select which file to download based on their device and internet speed.

Lake NameLarge Format
( PDF)
Small Format
( PDF)
Small Format, Low Resolution 
( JPEG )
Bear Rock Lake 20x30", 6.25mb 11x17". 2.78mb 11x17", 4.04mb
Beech Fork Lake 20x30", 34.0mb (1) 11x17”, 11.8mb 11x17”, 3.4mb
20x30", 36.7mb (2)
Big Ditch Lake 11x17", 2.2mb 8.5X11”, 2.0mb 8.5X11”, 1.3mb
Brandywine Lake 15x15", 1.5mb 8.5x11" 973kb 8.5x11", 919kb
Brushy Fork Lake 11x17", 1.9mb 8.5x11", 1.7mb 8.5x11", 1.1mb
Burnsville Lake 40x40", 51.8mb 11x17”, 13.3mb 11x17”, 3.0mb
Castleman Run Lake N/A 8.5x11", 1.86mb 8.5x11", 1.2mb
Charles Fork Lake 20x30", 16.4mb 11x17", 16.8mb 11x17", 5.0mb
Cheat Lake 36x48”, 77.8mb 11x17”, 12.5mb 11X17”, 3.7mb
Curtisville Lake 20x30", 7.2mb 11x17", 3.7mb 11x17", 4.8mb
Deegan Lake 11x17", 2.3mb 8.5x11", 1.6mb 8.5x11", 2.2mb
Dents Run Lake 11x17", 2.9mb 8.5X11”, 4.4mb 8.5X11”, 833kb
Dog Run Lake 11x17", 4.1mb 8.5x11", 4.0mb 8.5x11", 1.8mb
Dunkard Fork Lake 20x30", 4.4mb 11x17", 2.3mb 11x17", 1.7mb
East Lynn Lake 36x48", 60.6mb 11x17", 10.2mb 11x17", 6.5mb
Edwards Run Lake   8.5 x 11, 754kb 8.5 x 11, 1.5mb
Elk Fork Lake 11x17", 14.7mb 8.5x11", 8.6mb 8.5x11", 2.9mb
Elkwater Fork Lake 20x30", 7.6mb 11x17", 6.4mb 11x17", 2.8mb
Fairfax Ponds Lake 20x30", 6.9mb 11x17", 2.9mb 11x17", 3.7mb
Fort Ashby 11 x 17, 2.8mb 8.5 x 11, 2.4mb 8.5 x 11, 2.9mb
Hawks Nest 20 x 30, 72.1mb 11 x 17, 26.4mb 11 x 17, 13.4mb
Hinkle Lake 11x17", 1.3mb 8.5x11", 1.0mb 8.5x11", 1.7mb
Huey Run Lake 11x17", 3.2mb 8.5x11", 2.2mb 8.5x11", 2.9mb
Kimsey Run Lake 11x17", 2.2mb 8.5x11", 1.8mb 8.5x11", 1.1mb
Krodel Lake 11x17", 2.0mb 8.5x11", 1.23mb 8.5x11", 952kb
Middle Wheeling Creek Lake 11x17", 2.1mb 8.5x11", 1.5mb 8.5x11", 2.4mb
Moncove Lake 11x17", 2.6mb 8.5X11”, 3.7mb 8.5X11”, 1.3mb
Mount Storm Lake 36x48", 39.1mb 11x17”, 16.1mb 11x17”, 4.9mb
New Creek Dam 14 11x17", 2.8mb 8.5x11", 3.6mb 8.5x11", 3.4mb
North Bend Lake 40x40", 28.1mb (1)
11x17”, 16.1mb 11x17”, 2.6mb
40x40", 25.4mb (2)
O'Brien 20 x 30, 48.5mb 11 x 17, 19.9 mb 11 x 17, 10.7mb
Parker Hollow Lake 15x15", 2.9mb 8.5x11", 3.5mb 8.5x11", 1.1mb
Pedlar Dixon Lake 11x17", 1.2mb 8.5x11", 855kb 8.5x11", 795kb
Pedlar Mason Lake 11x17", 2.0mb 8.5X11”, 1.4mb 8.5X11”, 622kb
Pendleton Lake 11x17", 1.7mb 8.5x11", 1.3mb 8.5x11", 843kb
Plum Orchard Lake 36x48", 35.9mb 11x17", 11.4mb 11x17", 2.9mb
Ridenour Lake 11x17", 2.2mb 8.5x11", 1.3mb 8.5X11", 1.0mb
Rock Cliff 11 x 17, 1.9mb   11 x 17, 3.7mb
Rollins Lake N/A 8.5x11", 0.9mb 8.5x11", 1.8mb
Sherwood Lake 11x17", 2.5mb 8.5x11", 3.7mb 8.5x11", 1.8mb
Silcott Fork Lake 11x17", 2.7mb 8.5x11", 1.9mb 8.5x11", 2.7mb
Sleepy Creek Lake 36x48", 17.4mb 11x17”, 8.6mb 11x17”, 2.4mb
South Mill Creek Lake 11x17", 2.5mb 8.5x11", 2.40mb 8.5x11", 1.0mb
Spruce Knob Lake 11x17", 2.5mb 8.5x11", 2.40mb 8.5x11", 1.0mb
Stephens Lake 36x48", 40.9mb 11x17", 19.3mb 11x17", 4.2mb
Stonecoal Lake 20x30", 35.3mb (1)
11x17”, 19.7mb 11x17”, 6.8mb
20x30", 30.4mb (2)
Summersville Lake

36x48, 200 mb

11x17, 28.0 mb 11x17, 14.3 mb
Sutton Lake 40x40", 44.4mb (1)
11x17”, 11.9mb 11x17”, 3.2mb
40x40", 50.5mb (2)
Teter Creek Lake 11x17", 2.1mb 8.5X11”, 1.8mb 8.5X11”, 1.0mb
Thomas Park Lake 20x30", 6.6mb 11x17", 3.7mb 11x17", 2.0mb
Tomlinson Run Lake 11x17", 2.4mb 8.5X11”, 1.9mb 8.5X11”, 1.1mb
Tygart Lake 36x48", 81.0 mb 11x17”, 29.6 mb 11x17”, 15.1 mb
Tygart River Backwaters 20x30", 13.2mb 11x17", 4.0mb 11x17", 6.1mb
Upper Mud Lake 40x40", 32.4mb 11x17", 16.8mb 11x17", 3.9mb
Wallback Lake 11x17", 1.8mb 8.5x11", 1.2mb 8.5x11", 0.9mb
Warden Lake 11x17", 2.4mb 8.5x11", 2.8mb 8.5x11", 1.2mb
Woodrum Lake 20x30", 45.6mb 11x17", 18.8mb 11x17", 6.4mb


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