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West Virginia Wildlife Critter Coloring SheetsColoring sheets

The following coloring sheets were created by Sonnie and William E. Brown for the purpose of helping students become more aware of West Virginia's nongame wildlife. Each sheet has a description of the animal, background information and a picture for identification. An excellent exercise is to have children color the animal then look them up in guidebooks or online to see how close their imagination was to the real thing! They can also fill in the habitat around the animal for more creativity.

The creation of the sheets was part of project supported by Lost Creek Conservation Club and the West Virginia DNR Wildlife Diversity program.

Click on the list to download a coloring sheet PDF


Little Brown Bat
Star-nosed Mole
Eastern Mole
Southern Bog Lemming
Meadow Jumping Mouse
Deer Mouse
Southern Flying Squirrel
Eastern Chipmunk
Eastern Cougar
River Otter


American Bittern
Golden Eagle
Great Horned Owl
Barred Owl


Wood Turtle
Eastern Painted Turtle
Ground Skink


Spring Salamander
Eastern Spadefoot
Spring Peeper


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