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West Virginia Master Naturalist Class Description

Objectives:  Get an overview of West Virginia mammals their diversity, classification, status, behavior and adaptations.
Class type: Core curriculum
Time: 3 hours
Optimal season: Any season
Materials: Study skins, small live traps, field guides.
Expected outcomes: The student will gain a basic understanding of
  1. the more remarkable and more common mammals of West Virginia
  2. something of mammal adaptations and behavior.
  3. the current status of such species as the mountain lion and the coyote.
  4. methods of studying wild mammals.

West Virginia Master Naturalist Class Outline  

Time: 3 hours
  1. Overview
    1. Mammals defined
    2. Numbers in West Virginia
    3. Rare West Virginia species and conservation concerns
  2. Behavior and adaptations
    1. Breeding
    2. Habitats, food habits
    3. Nests, territory and home range
    4. Defensive behavior and adaptations
    5. Hibernation
  3. Observing and studying wild mammals
    1. Field guides
    2. Where and how to see mammals
    3. Small mammal trapping
    4. Preparation of skins and skulls
    5. Tracks and signs
    6. Wild pets, captive animals, and "orphans"
  4. Survey of West Virginia mammal species



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